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Drywall Partitioning

We offer top quality dry walling installation services. This is a simple way of dividing a large area into smaller areas. Drywall partitioning is quick to install and is cost-effective and a sturdy way of creating new spaces in the warehouse.

Floor Coating

Floor coatings can be applied to new or existing floors. It is easy to clean and maintain, a good floor coating will withstand general wear and tear in the warehouse and are hard wearing and economical.


Our painting services include interior and exterior painting. There are many painting products available and we help our clients to select the best option for their warehouse. Painting can prevent building maintenance and creating a good frontage.


We offer a full replacement service, for the whole ceiling or just replacing a part of it. Over time ceilings can sag or be damaged by leaks on the roof and must be replaced. We skim and paint all our ceiling installations.

Ceiling Isolation

Sisalation is a double-sided foil insulation (thermal insulating membrane) which is economical for most applications. Sisalation is beneficial in the different seasons of the year, keeping buildings cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This product also prevents moisture from being introduced into the ceiling by outside weather conditions. This is a maintenance free and long-lasting product, and environmentally friendly.

Glass & Alluminium

We manaufacture and install, glass and alluminium for factory's, warehouse's and industrial property. Any color size or design certified glass and alluminium certified industrial manufacture and installation.

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